Myanmar Cultural Association of Brampton

We are a dynamic group of Myanmar enthusiasts, in love with Myanmar’s gentle people, its verdant lands, savoury cuisine, enchanting architecture and rich history. Our intention is to bring over a few drops of this cultural essence and add its deep hues to the colours of Brampton. As the Association was just founded in November 2005, there is much room for exploration. Only the entire length and breadth of a people’s interests, activities, beliefs and values are ours to discover.

At this time, we are working to establish a core group of artists and performers who can develop their knowledge and sensitivity towards the nuances of Myanmar artistic expression. The Association is now accepting applications from all shower divas, karaoke starlets, dance-floor impresarios, closet celebrities, and budding artists of all schools and ilk who feel they have something to contribute to the public arrival of this unique addition to the cultural mosaic of Brampton. Of course, established artists or performers are welcome to apply as well.

In addition, we require the services of open-hearted contributors who will assist in areas such as set design and construction, costumes, backstage work, marketing, cooking and serving, display set-up and take-down, and possibly minor acting roles. Details regarding the show are still to be worked out.