Vision 20/20

Encountering, Embracing, Embodying Christ

After a year-long process of discernment, it's time to incarnate the vision. Vision 20/20 has led us to a three-year plan as Tim described in his article, Christ's Body, Living Stones: A Vision 20/20 Reflection. Click below to download a zip file of all the Vision 20/20 Resources or individually.

All Vision 2020 Resources - zip file

Living into God's Call - Saturday Day Handout

Communion -Sermon    Closing Report

Where Do We Go From Here - brochure    Bucket List - bi-fold


Year One - 2020

Christ in Life

  • How do we nurture our relationship with God?
  • How do we reclaim prayer & spiritual disciplines?
  • How do we remember that we are deeply beloved?
  • How are we formed so we are able to give ourselves in the world?

Year Two - 2021

Christ in Community

  • How do we practice deep community, hospitality and welcome in our congregations?
  • How do we allow ourselves to heal from old narratives (pas conflicts, feeling small) so that we can celebrate God's activity among us?
  • How is the character of our community formed so that we reveal the face of Christ to the world?

Year Three - 2022

Christ in the World

  • How are we being invited to pour ourselves out as the Body of Christ for the world, bringing healing and hope to a world in need?
  • To what is God calling us with respect to our engagement with the world?

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Year 1: Encountering, Embracing, Embodying Christ in Life resources available through CommonWord, a web page just for MCA.