Burns Ranch Mennonite Church

In the latter half of the 1920's, a group of 11 Mennonite families bought more than 5 sections of land 11 miles east of Didsbury from the P. Burns Company whose ranch buildings were located on Lone Pine Creek.  This land was divided among the 11 families with land allotted to each family. 

Regular church services began in the spring of 1926. Services were held in the loft of a building that had been used as a granary and feed storage bin.  In the winter services were held in various homes with the Christmas program held in the loft. Elder C.D. Harder of the Bergthal church was invited to meet with the “Ranch” group on December 27, 1928 as they had expressed a desire to establish a forma church organization and join the General Conference. In March 1929 the congregation met with Elders Harder,  Janzen, and Martens to develop a constitution and choose a congregational name. The name chosen was Friedensort but this group has always been called the Burns Ranch Mennonite Church. 

A church building was constructed beginning in 1935 with each family assisting in buying materials and the actual construction.

For a variety of reasons, some of the original settlers moved away so instead of growing, membership gradually decreased. The last service was held June 1951. Remaining members joined the Bergthal church. 


1938 Photo of the church building here.