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"For we are what God has made us, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand to be our way of life." 

Ephesians 2:10

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Mar 15th, 2024

Annual Delegate Sessions 2024

95th Annual Delegate Sessions

Breaking Down.  Gathering Up.

Guest speaker: Joon Park, Holyrood Mennonite interim pastor

March 15-16, 2024  in-person only, hosted by Holyrood Mennonite, Edmonton

Breaking Down. Gathering Up.

inspired by Ephesians 2:13-22, 1:9-10

A Mennonite-friendly missiologist, Andrew F. Walls, introduced the phrase The Ephesian Moment to the world church.

The Ephesian Moment, built upon the soil of ethnic diversity not homogeneity, brought about a vision to break down all forms of hostility and enmity among different cultural and ethnic groups -- mostly Jews and Gentiles-Romans, Greeks, and Africans -- gathering all of them up in Christ to build up a unified body of Christ.

At this time, when the world is going to pieces and churches are disoriented and disintegrated, revisiting early churches in Ephesus and Antioch provides us new insights into what it means to be a truly intercultural church.

We, as Mennonite Church Alberta, are headed for our Ephesian Moment today!


Joon’s messages

Friday evening: Embarking a new journey to become an intercultural church: From Homogeneity to Diversity to Unity (Acts 11:19-26, Acts 13:1, Ephesians 2:13-22)

Saturday morning: Embracing a disruptive journey (Galatians 2:11-14)

Saturday afternoon: Envisioning a journey that is not finished yet (Revelation 7:9-10)


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For Your Prayers

Werner and Joanne De Jong serve as Witness workers in Ethiopia at the Meserete Kristos Seminary, a school training current and emerging leaders in the Anabaptist tradition. Werner provides faculty support by teaching students in both the Bachelor and Masters programs. Joanne's focus is on relationship building and sharing community life through chapel services, prayer, tutoring, preaching, and hospitality. Werner and Joanne both enjoy participating in the spiritual formation of students while also growing and learning from the Ethiopian church.

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Focused on building self-sufficient congregations, Tom and Christine Poovong provide pastoral leadership to emerging Christian communities in northeastern Thailand.

They have developed income-generation ministries, including MennoShoes and an Issaan food restaurant, businesses where Christian disciples make a steady income and are able to give back to their local congregations.

The goal is to establish self-sustainable, locally run peace churches. These churches have become part of a church-planting organization called Friends of Grace Church.

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Dann and Joji Pantoja serve the socially and economically vulnerable people in the conflicted Mindanao region of the Philippines through Peace Builders Community and Coffee for Peace.Together with local Indigenous leadership, they hope to establish the Malipayon Peace Hub. This centre will continue to train local communities in peace and reconciliation as well as training future generations of coffee producers to dry, sort, roast and package coffee beans. Selling processed coffee will ensure that local coffee growers have a more equitable social and economic future.

Join them in making this dream a reality.

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Last year, Mennonite Church Alberta sponsored two South Sudanese students to begin a 4-year theological degree program at the Meserete Kristos  Seminary, after the Edmonton South Sudanese Mennonite church requested help for their brothers and sisters in Christ in the refugee camps and surrounding areas in the Gambella region in West Ethiopia.

Lack of resources, education and language made it difficult to get the training they needed to lead their congregations making it a challenge to find potential students who could succeed at the university level. 


Pictured with Werner and Joanne are Simon (left) and Isaac (right).  

Continue to keep the people of Myanmar in your prayers as conflict there continues.

Many cities and villages are struggling with food shortages as the transportation links are being used by the military. Food prices have significantly increased. Internet lines have been cut creating communication challenges. Children haven’t been in school for two years, since the coup, and now idle youth are damaging their lives with drugs and alcohol. Some pastors are being tortured, arrested and some churches have been burned down. 

Please pray for the Chin people both those in Myanmar and those who have left their homes and families behind. Consider making a donation to meet the urgent needs of the Chin people.

Both Mennonite Church Alberta and Mennonite Church Canada are committed to working for climate justice and a sustainable future for all God’s creation and all God’s children.

Together in Hope gathers together Creation Care and Climate Action resources, including the resource God's Green Earth.

Find these HERE. 


Our MCA Creation Care Working Group appreciates your prayer support as they commit to inviting congregations and individuals into discernment regarding the ways we can respond to the climate crisis. 

Follow their work HERE.


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