Support our Youth!

Mennonite Church Alberta has a long history of supporting youth and young adults, nurturing their faith and growing future leaders. Thank you in advance for continuing this tradition! Your donations will help cover travel and accomodation costs for youth attending these events.  

Global Youth Summit


The GYS is an opportunity for young people ages 18-30 from MWC churches around the world to come together, join in discussions, build connections, pray together, worship and have fun.  The 2025 GYS will happen in Germany from May 30 to June 1, 2025, in conjunction with celebrations of the 500th anniversary of Anabaptism. Your donation will help our representative, Liam Kachkar, FMC Edmonton, cover the costs incurred for his time in Germany. An important aspect of Liam’s role will be connecting with MCA congregations both before the GYS and in sharing about it afterward. Liam said, “Our Anabaptist connection is so much more than our local church. It’s the collective work of all of our congregations drawing the world closer to Jesus.”  Read more

 Student Bursaries

Mennonite Church Alberta provides a tuition bursary as an incentive for young people to nurture their faith as they pursue higher education. We believe that when our young adults grow spiritually, the greater community grows spiritually as well. 

Deadline to apply July 31, of each calendar year.

Did you attend Bible School or Bible College and appreciate all that you learned there? Consider donating so that a young adult today can benefit from a similar experience!