Student Bursary



2023 Student essays:      Asher   Danika    Kyle    Liesel

Mennonite Church Alberta provides a tuition bursary as an incentive for young people to nurture their faith as they pursue higher education. We believe that when our young adults grow spiritually, the greater community grows spiritually as well. 


Eligibility Requirements: (1) Student's home congregation belongs to MCA. (2) Student have successfully enrolled in a Mennonite/Anabaptist post-secondary institution.  Annual application is made available late spring each year. Submission deadline is July 31 each year.

Please note, as of 2021, CMU has a new online Church Matching Grant system.   

If you are attending CMU, please forward (Part of Step 4) the PDF received from CMU after completing that matching grant application.

If you are also eligible for a congregational grant, you will do the CMU application process twice, once for your home congregation and again for MCA. 

Step 1:

Write Personal Reflection essay

Step 2:

Print and complete Signature Page

Step 3:

Choose headshot for MCA use.

This photo should clearly show your face. 

Step 4:

Obtain your school's matching grant application.

Before you apply, have files from steps 1-4 available for upload. If uploading is causing frustration, simply email each document to