Bridge Building 


Suzanne Gross has been hired as MCA’s new Bridge Building Facilitator. This half-time position will resource MCA congregations and staff in building interfaith and cross-cultural relationships in their ministry contexts, while representing MCA in other interfaith ventures. 
The Bridge Building Facilitator is the next phase in the interfaith ministry that began with Donna Entz and her 10 years of relationship-building work with Muslims, particularly in North Edmonton. After Donna’s retirement in June of 2021 Suzanne served in an interim role as a new vision for this role was developed. This vision expands the focus to congregations across Alberta and builds off established relationships between Muslims and Christians to be a resource for these and other interfaith and intercultural interactions.

The Bridge Building Facilitator will collaborate with MCA congregations and MCA Staff to:
•           Explore existing intercultural/interfaith relationships and opportunities;
•           Expand intercultural/interfaith understanding and deepen relationships;
•           Develop intercultural/interfaith intentionality in our worship, invitations, and activities;
•           Capture and share stories to inspire others.

Suzanne began her role on September 19, and is looking forward to connecting with congregations and individuals as she lives into this new vision.

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to join the MC Alberta team. I am very excited to be part of creating the next chapter of intercultural and interfaith relationship-building in Alberta. As I begin my first week, I wonder how God's spirit will move in the midst of our diverse and complex communities to bring us closer together as a human family across culture and faith traditions.  I look forward to our journey together on this!!

Suzanne Gross, Bridge Building Facilitator, Mennonite Church Alberta

 Mind the Gap: Reflecting on interfaith issues

Hospitality, Dialogue, Peacebuilding and Witness – a framework for building mutual relationships


Over the last two months, fifteen participants from Mennonite church communities across Alberta met on Saturday mornings to explore.the “Peacemakers Confessing Christ International” , discussion series.  This is an initiative rooted in the work of David Shenk, Jonathan Bornman, and Peter Sensenig.  

Participants were invited to share the impact of this series on their understanding of the value and importance of dialogue, but more importantly, how dialogue ultimately enriches our own faith understanding, even as we learn about and celebrate the best of each others’ faith traditions.  

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