Calgary Chin Christian Church

On June 6, 2010, a few volunteers started teaching Bible verses and songs to about ten children in Kap Sen’s basement, which is one of the reasons that lead to beginning the Chin church. After half a year, with the blessing of God, the number of Sunday school children and our faith grew. As a result, groups of Chin people founded the Calgary Chin Christian Church on January 9, 2011, and currently have approximately 75 active believers. We have a vision to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ and also prepared to become spiritual parents for the next generation. Our members come from Chin state, Myanmar. Chin is one of the ethics group in Myanmar with a population of approximately 1.5 million who are 95 % of Christianity. Our major doctrine is the Trinity doctrine. Our main priority is to make sure our children are influenced with the will of God and another focus is to participate in missionary activities all over the world as much as we can. Our strengths and biggest commitment in missionary work is support through prayer.

We are very happy to become a member of Mennonite Church Alberta on March 22, 2013. We have two main reasons for joining the Mennonite Church Alberta. The first reason is that we share a common belief and faith in God. Secondly, we have the same vision to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ and also support humanitarians all over the world. 

 On August 19, 2012, Rev. Leng Nawn Thang served as a part-time pastor in Chin congregation and full-time pastor in 2018. Leng and his family came to Canada in 2005 and served as pastor at First Baptist Church, First Karen Baptist Church and Regina Chin Christian Fellowship for six and a half years.

The Chin Church has Sunday school, Women and Youth groups. We have about 35 regular Sunday school children and we divide them into Beginner, Junior and Senior classes. Every Saturday night, about 15 women and men group gather and read the Bible, sharing words of God and praying for others. Our youth are actively involved in church activities and of course, they always serve and praise God with their musical talents. Since July 2012, we fully financially support two missionaries in northern Yangon and Rakhein state, Myanmar. 

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