Calgary Vietnamese 

The Calgary Vietnamese Mennonite congregation (Tin Lành Calgary) began services in 1981. Ezekiel Wong is considered the founding leader of the group. The congregation originated through outreach by Foothills Mennonite Church and the Conference of Mennonites in Alberta. Until 1986 services were held alternately with the Chinese Mennonite congregation at Foothills Mennonite. Initially the congregation was affiliated with Mennonite Church Alberta and the Conference of Mennonites in Canada, but was not a formal member of the conference. The language of worship is Vietnamese.

In 2009 the pastor was Chau Dang; the membership was 135.

In 2016 the congregation withdrew from Mennonite Church Alberta. The Being a Faithful Church (BFC) resolution regarding same-sex relationships that was passed by Mennonite Church Canada at their assembly in July 2016 played a part in their withdrawal.


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