Coaldale Mennonite 

The congregation began services in 1926, and formally organized in 1928 with 11 families. Initially services were conducted in the local United Church. A building program began in 1931 and services were held in the basement. The completed building was dedicated on 10 January 1937. In 1949 this meeting house was enlarged and in 1958 a new larger meeting house was built, with an education wing added later. P. P. Dyck is considered the founding leader of the group. The congregation originated through immigration from the Soviet Union. The language of worship is English and German; the transition from German occurred in the 1960s.

Originally, the Mennonite Brethren and General Conference Mennonites in Coaldale worshiped together.

In August 2001 the congregation withdrew from the Conference of Mennonites in Alberta (and by default Mennonite Church Canada) because of disagreement with the conference's approach to calling congregations to accountability on theological and lifestyle issues.


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