Ruth Bergen Braun

Calgary,  Foothills Mennonite

Although Ruth is the MCA Communications Coordinator, she prefers to speak as "just herself." 

A bit of background:

Ruth grew up in Rosemary, Alberta in the Rosemary Mennonite Church.  After marrying and moving a few times, she found herself back there, raising her three children in that congregation. Then life changed abruptly resulting in a move to Lethbridge to become a university student. After completing two degrees, (BA Psych/M.Ed. Counseling Psych) she became a counsellor.  Lethbridge Mennonite became her home church, a place of acceptance, encouragement, and healing. She preached for the first time at an LMC retreat! 

She enjoys the challenge of crafting a sermon but likes delivery more than writing. She has no formal Bible training and has never taken a preaching class. She used to say she preached as a therapist but being a retired therapist does that still apply? She has a story-telling style and would rather ask questions than provide answers --like a therapist.

She continues to be a practicing Christian as being a Christian takes a lot of practice.