Nationwide Call to Prayer Against Racism

Nationwide Call to Prayer Against Racism

June 3, 2020


Nationwide call to prayer for Sunday, June 7, 2020

Mennonite Church Alberta with other regions of Mennonite Church Canada is asking all MCA congregations to set aside a specific time of prayer on Sunday, June 7, to join Mennonite Church USA as they lament the injustice and violence suffered by people of colour in the U.S.

This nationwide call to prayer is a call for the church to boldly stand against racism that rips apart the social fabric of both of our countries. As a church, we speak for a God who made all persons in the image of the Creator’s likeness. We are called to raise our voices and prayers and denounce the evil that racism inflicts upon our fellow human beings.

In MCA and across Mennonite Church Canada, many of our congregations include people of colour, Indigenous people, and others who are marginalized in our communities. We stand in solidarity with them during this troubling time and choose to confront the ugly underbelly of racism among us. We recognize that many of us within the church are not fully aware of our complicity in systemic racism. We ask that those in the dominant culture acknowledge white privilege and what are feeble efforts to support marginalized people in the church and in larger society. As we confess our sin, may God grant us courage, wisdom and boldness to speak truth both to ourselves and to those in power.

We share the words of Glen Guyton, executive director of Mennonite Church USA, “I am calling on all MC USA congregations to have a time of prayer on Sunday, June 7, to lament the violence, pain and injustice that is plaguing our country. I ask that you pray for compassionate and wise leadership for our country during this time. … The violence and unrest that is happening now is not an accident; it is what the system is designed to do, and it jeopardizes all of us, not just people of color. Stand with the marginalized in your communities. If you have the power of privilege, use it as a shield to protect people of color who don’t have it. Use your voice and your power to prompt action from local government officials. Create spaces for reconciliation, healing and hope.” See here for full text.

As people of God’s peace, please join in prayer this Sunday, June 7. Pray for God’s peace and justice in our communities, for an end to discrimination and violence, the championing of human rights, just political leadership, the humility to confess our individual and social sins and a willingness to repent and to boldly embrace the peace of Jesus Christ. Pray that the Holy Spirit might heal and renew our personal lives, the church, and the social fabric of our two countries. New worship and prayer resources are available at below, and if you develop your own share those with other MCA congregations or through our website.

God of mercy, grant us peace.

Brenda Tiessen-Wiens, Moderator                                                               


Tim Wiebe-Neufeld, Executive Minister