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Friday evening

Saturday sessions

Saturday evening

Sunday worship with Holyrood Mennonite

Plus a 4 minute video Sounds of MCA, highlights from the Saturday evening program Celebrating Diversity as the Family of God

And a minute of our congregational singing -- Baptist style.  Enjoy!

Friday evening


1. At the inception of your church's construction, what was the makeup of the congregation? Was it predominantly composed of individuals resembling yourselves, or was there a deliberate effort to assemble a diverse and heterogeneous community akin to Paul's endeavours two millennia ago? What narrative defines the genesis of your congregation?

2. Being challenged to be “intercultural” can sometimes be heard as needing to fully “give up” or “break” with our traditional ways. That is a misrepresentation of inter-culturalism. If we really embrace “bending” (rather than breaking) our traditional identities, will that give us enough security to bring multiple traditional identities alongside each other as equally enriching to all?

3. Lastly, can you recall your most recent experience of witnessing or participating in an Ephesian moment—experiencing unity in diversity—either within your church community or in your personal lives? Pair up with a person who sits next to you and share your personal experiences and observations.

Saturday morning


1.Identifying and articulating conflicts can often be the most challenging aspect of navigating through them. Can you recall instances within your church community where conflicts were clearly and accurately described, as well as situations where conflicts were poorly articulated?

2. Reflecting on these scenarios, how did the clarity or lack thereof in articulating the conflict impact the outcomes?

3. Furthermore, consider how the resolution process differed between conflicts that were welldefined and cared for and those that were glossed over. In what ways does this process compare to how Paul and Peter resolved their conflicts head-on?


Saturday afternoon


1. Have you ever sensed the urgent need for change within your congregation? If so, which areas/functions of the church need to be revamped or restructured?

2. To what extent is the Mennonite church receptive to embracing changes originating both internally and externally?

3. Are you personally prepared to take risks and muster the courage to embark on a significant journey or guide your congregation through the challenges of a shifting world? On a scale of 1 to 10, how receptive are you to innovation and change?

4. What knowledge or skills do you need to acquire to effectively lead and transform your congregation in uncharted territories that lead you to God’s ultimate plan of perfect unity and harmony?


At their ADS workshop, Mission & Service Committee premiered their video called "Did You Know?"

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The Milestones 2023 video was shown Friday evening.

This video is not available online but the links for both a high-res version and a YouTube version have been sent to your church administrator.

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