Encountering, Embracing, Embodying

Christ in the World

Thank you for another successful

Annual Delegate Sessions and Joint Worship!

Thank you to Community Building and Program Committee (Karen, Coreen, and Kate) for the hours spent organizing this event. 

Thank you to everyone at First Mennonite Calgary for hosting both the in-person worship and both zoom events. 


From our moderator, Brenda Tiessen-Wiens

"This meeting, this year, this time and this place – they’re all important. Each day’s events may seem insignificant in the big picture, but each decision and action shapes what lies ahead. Thank you for being a word, a page or a letter in our shared story!"



Highlights from Saturday, March 19       Annual Delegate Sessions Business and Worship

International Witness Ethiopia

International Witness Thailand

A Prayer for First Mennonite Calgary

Pastor Ryan Dueck, Lethbridge Mennonite  --  with a response from Pastor Caleb Kowalko, First Mennonite Calgary     



An introduction to E3 Year Three: A Readers Theatre

Read at the ADS afternoon worship by Debbie Baergen, Laura Wiebe, Steven Giugovaz, Tim Wiebe-Neufeld, and Ruth Bergen Braun


RJC High School

RJC High School

CMU In the Morning

CMU You are Holy

Doug Klassen

Jeanette Hanson

Steve Heinrichs

Arlyn Friesen Epp

Highlights from March 20     Joint Worship Service 


        An album of images from the Joint MCA Worship at First Mennonite Calgary


Joint Worship Message

Joint Worship Children's Feature

Joint Worship Service

Link available from your church office or communications@mcab.ca 

From our Moderator

Annual Report Book 

Annual Report Flipbook

2021 MCA Constitution