On Perspective

On Perspective

The book of Acts draws the reader into the birth of the church. Readers learn of the huge changes that happened in the lives of the early Christians. They received the Holy Spirit. They faced persecution. They experimented with ways of living communally. They received many into their fellowships. They faced differences of opinion among themselves. They were scattered from their places of living.

Reading Acts leads readers to a place of perspective when facing changes in our society today.

Yes, we have social distancing that is difficult for some, catastrophic for others and comparatively easy for many people.

Applying perspective, I note that Canadian political parties of all stripes reacted similarly, sending funds to those immediately affected, and giving prominence to medical authorities.

Yes, there are challenges to some of our entrenched habits. Our culture values social life outside the home, and now gatherings are forbidden. Our culture values travel, but now travel is discouraged. Some in our culture value families, and now families are asked not to get together.

Applying perspective, the restrictions also led to some really good experiences. Some Zoom gatherings are much larger than in the days when people had to be in the same physical place. The post Covid world will lead to changes to lifeways that some people will miss, and also changes that some people will welcome.  

Yes, it’s heartening to learn that churches adapted to send services to people where they are. More adaptations will be needed, from smaller adaptations, such as how to greet people when they join us after watching our services for weeks! Temporary geographic moves are less relevant than previously to how people interact with our congregation, a larger change.  

Applying perspective, let's work with each other as churches experiment with the limits and the power of media communication in the post Covid world.  

The people of faith in Acts adapted and took opportunities to build the faith and the church, and spread the influence of God in lives. May we also feel the strength of the Spirit in the coming months and years, and do likewise.