Christian-Muslim Dialogue

Christian-Muslim Dialogue

A Menno Minute

by Donna Entz, Director of North Edmonton Ministry

It is so easy to make assumptions about others. The Muslim-Christian Dialogue forces each of us to realize that we are constantly making assumptions about those not quite like us.  It puts ordinary folks in contact with each other so that these fall away.

This event is unusual because faith is really a taboo subject in Edmonton. In addition this opens up a very tangible situation of speaking as witnesses Jesus-style. The Dialogue is more about hanging out together and chatting with each other than passively listening to Speakers. In fact this unique kind of Dialogue is drawn from our Mennonite potluck tradition and our value of community. We are being real across a table with food, experiencing the dialogue instead of learning about it. Our model is impacting Dialogues elsewhere.

The motley group that puts this together is called A Common Word Alberta.  A cool trailer, the first-ever for us, is here ( and MCA's North Edmonton Ministry also helps make this happen.

Donna, on behalf of MCA, is one of the faith leaders who form the organization, A Common Word Alberta.  "This local endeavour is an extension of a global movement that began in 2007, when a letter inviting dialogue was composed by Muslim leaders and addressed to Christian leaders of the world. The letter, entitled “A Common Word,” affirmed the call in both the Bible and the Qur’an to love God and neighbour and got a positive response and continuing engagement from Christian leaders." (from