The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee

Issue 1

Executive Committee has the privilege of seeing the big picture and being in touch with each ministry area. In addition to our Executive roles, we sit on various MCA committees, the RJC Board (Paul), Joint Council (Brenda) and Executive Staff Group (Tim). Yes, we attend a lot of meetings - but we don’t mind! We don’t mind because MCA meetings are about people coming together to talk about how we participate in and further God’s kingdom, together. We get to know a wide range of people not only in our churches, but in other Regional Churches as well. One of my greatest blessings as Moderator has been getting to know people who broaden my perspective on what it means to be the church. Perhaps most importantly, Executive sees first-hand the dedication and enthusiasm of our staff in their calling to serve the church.

Here’s what other Executive members say about serving with MCA:

Elizabeth Wall (Edmonton First): “What I find exciting about being a part of MCA is working together with great people from all over Alberta. Coming from different contexts and bringing various gifts, we join together for the common good. I enjoy the meetings and the times when we get together for workshops, faith studies, women's retreat, and other events. MCA helps the churches by supporting pastoral leaders, building community, providing resources for spiritual growth, and supporting such ministries as new-to-Canada churches, the North Edmonton Ministry, and Camp Valaqua.”

Wayne Janz (Calgary First): “Doreen Neufeld approached me about five years ago to ask if I would serve on the Finance Committee. I wasn't looking to add anything to my already busy schedule, but I know how hard it is for the Nominating Committee to fill needed roles. Plus I felt I had some skills that would fit the role and perhaps a calling from God to use them to serve in this way. So I accepted and it has been rewarding! Dealing with different types of challenges has broadened my skillset. I've engaged with people I would not have met otherwise, extending my network of friends. And I've had the satisfaction of doing something worthwhile in God's service.”

Paul Neufeldt (Lethbridge): Paul credits (or blames) Camp Valaqua with his church involvement. At Camp, he learned resilience, where and how to find healing and support to sustain him in difficult times, and discovered that he has the capacity to help others. Through Paul’s committee involvement, he keeps connected with Camp and participates in setting direction for the church. As a parent of young children, it’s important that the church and Camp provide children with experiences that teach values and create connections. What we do now will make a difference in our children’s lives and in the future church.

Over the next few weeks, as you read stories and discover more about the behind-the-scenes work of MCA, we ask you to commit to praying for each writer, for our six staff and over 25 volunteers. Our wide-ranging ministry is possible because of financial contributions from congregations and individuals who see the benefits of a solid foundation. We will be missing opportunities to invite individual donations this year, so ask that you keep this in mind each time you hear about a cancelled event or a re-envisioned gathering. We can still be church together, even while physically distancing!


Brenda Tiessen-Wiens (Foothills)

pictured above left to right: Elizabeth Wall, Brenda Tiessen-Wiens, Paul Neufeldt, Tim Wiebe-Neufeld, Wayne Janz