Congregational Leadership Committee

(Awaiting a 2024 update)

The mandate of the Congregational Leadership Committee is to support and equip pastors and congregational leaders. This might sound somewhat vague or imprecise. What does “support” mean? Does it mean orienting new pastors to the conference? Providing opportunities for learning and spiritual growth? Connecting church leaders to worship resources? Mediating in times of congregational stress or conflict? Well, yes, all of these things and more are what we do.

But these individual supports all take place under the broad canopy of nurturing and strengthening relationships between pastors and churches in the larger family of faith. And we need these relationships. There are seasons of pastoral and congregational life where we easily take for granted the fact that we are part of a larger church with a shared history, theology, values and practices. There are seasons where it’s easy to just focus on our own little corner of the kingdom and not attend to these broader networks.

A global pandemic is not one of these seasons. I know I speak for many other pastors when I say that during this time where our church buildings sit empty, I have been deeply grateful to be part of Mennonite Church Alberta and Mennonite Church Canada. I have been able to access worship services and resources from across the province and nation, I have been encouraged to offer my own gifts, I have been encouraged by area church leaders to persevere in the midst of difficult times. I have, in short, experienced the profound benefit of having structures and systems of communication and relationships in place that have been tended over the years.

There is a sense in which giving to an “institution” can seem less than inspiring. It doesn’t have the emotional “sizzle” that donating to an immediate crisis (i.e., refugee sponsorship) or threat (flood relief) might. But we dare not neglect our institutions, financially or otherwise. We need them, during crises, certainly, but at all times. Perhaps more than we might even realize.

Submitted by Ryan Dueck (April 29, 2020)


How to support Congregational Leadership Committee

A meaningful way to support the ministry of CLC is to pray for your pastors and church leaders and to let them know that you are praying for them. Write them an encouraging note, or call them to express your appreciation. Please remember to pray for and encourage MCA staff and leaders as well. An encouraging word can go a long way to strengthen and lift the spirits of those who are called to offer gifts of leadership among us.