Seeing God at Work in MCA, in our Congregations, in Ourselves

Seeing God at Work in MCA, in our Congregations, in Ourselves

This week’s Menno Minute comes to you as a reflection within a conversation.

As the new Communications Coordinator, I (Ruth) appreciated Andrea Zapf’s offer of assistance particularly re publishing the Communique. In a subsequent email conversation we chatted about a question I had once been asked by a spiritual director “How have I seen God working today?”. I then asked her to reflect on how she saw God working in her role as Communications Coordinator at Trinity Mennonite Church.

Andrea replied with, “I find questions like this easiest to answer after finishing a role. Answering while in the role is always tough! The saying "hindsight is 20/20" rings quite true! 

In 1 Corinthians 12, it talks about how we are all parts of the Body of Christ. Once a pastor asked a group of us which body part we thought we were being called to be. Most typically people replied with eyes, hands, feet, brain or mouth. Each one saw themselves as some sort of active part of the Body of Christ. I've thought about that question long and hard several times over the years, and each time I come back to the same answer: I am an elbow. I help the brain direct the hands of the Church to the right place, to make sure they can do the work. On the other side, sometimes I feel I'm called alongside someone and to give them a nudge. 

My work as a Communications Coordinator often follows the elbow analogy. Most of the time in my role I am helping others find the information they need. Little things I do can make a great impact on the ability of others to do their job. Although, if I move too fast too soon the hands can't keep up and they can get hurt. Or I end up hurt because I back myself into something and I hit my funny bone. I have to think through my choices carefully and consider the impact I'll make. Thankfully I haven't needed to nudge anyone yet, however I haven't been in this role long...  

I may not be able to see any direct impact of my work, but I trust that God is using me to accomplish some great things.” 

That question, “How have I seen God working today?”, one that I had then been asked to journal about daily, continues to intrigue me. Perhaps this would be a good homework assignment for us all. 

Every day, write down how you’ve seen God at work today. Then, after 30 days, reread what you’ve written. Like all good assignments, this one requires us to pay attention.