Introducing Our Stories

Introducing Our Stories

A new series in the Communiqué, co-ordinated by the Community Building and Program Committee

As we think about stories we could ask: 

What are our stories as congregations and as individuals within congregations?

Who tells our stories? How are they told? How do our stories inspire and shape us?  What is the purpose of stories? How can we learn from each other’s stories?

How can our stories help us live out our mission as Encountering, Embracing, Embodying Christ in life, in community and in the world? 

What are the stories in your congregation? Who is telling them? Who is hearing them? Who is writing them? Does your congregation have that certain person who pays attention, noticing and listening to how others are living out their faith? The person who watches what is happening in the church and enjoys telling others about it? This person does not necessarily have to be a writer, the pastor, or the office administrator, but simply someone who watches and takes note.

During a time when much of our interaction is online, how can we create visual stories?

By sharing our stories we can become more connected, stay connected, and learn from each other.

Each month for at least the next year one MCA congregation will have the opportunity share a story. If you or someone you know would be willing to be the eyes and ears of MCA Storytelling, please let the Community Building and Program Committee know. We want to hear from you!