Bergthal Mennonite Church


Bergthal Mennonite invites us to pray with them.

  • Our church includes many seniors who are struggling with limits of mind and body. The concerns that can come with this generation are many and varied. They include things like loneliness, anxiety, confusion, and loss of independence. These are people who have made Bergthal their home for most of their lives, if not their entire lives. Some are no longer able to attend our worship services and are separated from the spiritual inspiration and nurture of the gathered body. Their absence is keenly felt among the other members. Pray for our seniors, that they might find spiritual consolation, assurance, and hope. Pray that they might find a sense of purpose even as their world shrinks and their earthly lives draw to a close. Pray that they might embrace and live out the words of Paul to the Corinthians:

So we do not lose heart. Even though our outer nature is wasting away, our inner nature is being renewed day by day. For our slight, momentary affliction is producing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all measure, because we look not at what can be seen but at what cannot be seen, for what can be seen is temporary, but what cannot be seen is eternal. (2 Cor. 4:16-18)

  • Our church is in the middle of an exciting renovation project that requires great amounts of time, energy, and money from our members. As we are a small church, this can create some pressure and anxiety. Pray for God’s peace to pervade every decision and the assurance that God’s Spirit is guiding our feet every step of the way. Pray that those who are engaged in the actual work, in everything from hammering the nails to shuffling furniture from room to room, find a sense of joy and fulfillment as the pieces begin to come together. And, ultimately, pray that God might be glorified in all we do.
  • As our church numbers decline, so do volunteers. Sometimes being a volunteer can be a thankless task, especially for those who serve in roles that are not so visible. Those who currently volunteer with every aspect of worship, pastoral care, and in the organizational structure of the church do so tirelessly and with a deep love for Christ’s church. Pray for continued vigor and joy as they serve in Christ’s name and an increased awareness of how God’s Spirit is empowering them in their roles. 

Bergthal -- beautiful in summer and in winter


A Bergthal Story -- Renovations!!

During the past couple of weeks, Bergthal Mennonite Church has been torn apart. Old carpet and flooring have been stripped and removed. Furniture and kitchen appliances have been shuffled from room to room. Toilets and cubicles in the washrooms have disappeared. Patches of old glue, previously hidden by mirrors or wallpaper, have been exposed. Dust covers every surface. Tools, ladders, and cardboard boxes are the new design accents. These are signs that the old is being replaced by something new. Renovations are well under way. The once silent church was now bustling with activity. Loud pop tunes reverberated throughout the building. Contractors, oblivious to their audience, sang like rock stars as they worked. The pastor found this new environment quite a surprising change from the pin-drop silence.  

Basic renovations are now almost complete. Bare, plywood floors are covered with new flooring, new lighting fixtures hang in the fellowship hall, washrooms are once again equipped with new toilets, sinks, a countertop, and mirrors, and the walls have received a much needed coat of paint. Things are falling back into place. This renovation is the preliminary step in a larger vision for Bergthal’s future moving forward. As the church membership declined, it became clear that it would soon be impossible to maintain the various costs associated with managing such a large building. Thus, a proposal came forward to renovate and rent the church building as an event center. The income would help to sustain maintenance costs while enabling the remaining members to continue to hold worship services in the sanctuary. 

As we know, transitions can produce a sense of hope and excitement in some and fear and trepidation in others. Those who are uncomfortable with an element of risk, find change difficult. Questions still abound. Nothing is certain. To complicate matters, a project of this size requires all hands on deck. It takes huge amounts of time, energy, specific skills, and finances. Since we are a small church, with limited resources, the work can be daunting. 

The contractors who laboriously tore down the old and replaced it with the new, were men who were not afraid of work. They spent hours crawling around on their hands and knees, accessing hard to reach spaces, lifted, carried, pushed, and pulled heavy, bulky materials and placed them precisely where they needed to be. Through it all, they worked cooperatively and skillfully as a team. But, more importantly, they sang as they worked. 

As the congregation at Bergthal discerns their future together, the uncertainty we face might be softened somewhat as we covenant to work cooperatively as a seamless unit. But, more importantly, united in God’s purposes for this church and an openness to what God is doing, we can sing with joy as we work because we know that whatever the future holds, our hearts will always rejoice in God’s faithfulness; a faithfulness that sustained us in the past, grounds us in the present, and will be our consolation in the future. 

Know, therefore, that the Lord your God is God, the faithful God who maintains covenant loyalty with those who love him and keep his commandments, to a thousand generations,

Deuteronomy 7:9

Almost finished!  A warm and welcoming space.  Photos taken December 10, 2023

 A Bergthal Interview 

Brian Hildebrandt is a 4th generation member of Bergthal Mennonite — on his mom’s side. He noted that his great grandfather was “one of the Neufeld brothers” who was there from the beginning. And so, his entire life. 60 + years, has been one of connection to his church. He stated that there was never any question where he would attend. Not only does he have significant family history there but also his own memories of how the congregation and the broader Mennonite church has changed over time.  He remembers the youth group having 40 members and chuckles at some of the shenanigans he heard about at AMYO events (Alberta Mennonite Youth Organization.) He recognizes that the church has gone through some hard times but he continues to be hopeful about the future and knows he has has a place there. He is most encouraged when people choose Bergthal as their church — and stay. 

To the question, “what keeps you part of this congregation?” Brian replied that Bergthal has a real sense of community, a closeness. And, he added, “A great pastor!  Anna-lisa!” (With an audible exclamation mark.) “She brings life to the church!”

Brian would like others from MCA to know that although Bergthal members are small in numbers but they continue to serve the local and broader community as best they can. “We can’t do as much as we used to but we try to do what we can. We can still worship together and have meaningful spiritual growth.”

The church members are excited about their building renovations as they make their church hall more conducive to also being an event centre.

And, an invitation, “We would love to welcome any and all to come visit and experience Bergthal’s friendship and community for yourself.”

Phone interview by Ruth Bergen Braun


Be sure to watch the 5 minute video Bergthal Mennonite Church

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