What is the difference between CommonWord & MennoMedia?

What is the difference between CommonWord & MennoMedia?

A Menno Minute

with Arlyn Friesen Epp
Director CommonWord Bookstore & Resource Centre
Mennonite Church Canada Staff

Intro by June Miller


What is the difference between CommonWord & MennoMedia?

June: In the Mennonite world we have a lot of terms and acronymns we throw around. Sometimes it is hard for those entrenched in the Menno world to sort out, much less those who are newer. In a recent email, a church admin asked "what is the difference between CommonWord & MennoMedia?" (To be honest, before I took this job as Communications Coordinator, I didn't know what CommonWord was.) I had an answer, but thought this would be a good opportunity to hear from Arlin Friesen Epp, Director of CommonWord and Mennonite Church Canada staff.

CommonWord is a physical store located on the campus of Canadian Mennonite University (CMU) and serves both CMU and Mennonite Church Canada. CommonWord is also an online store, library, and resource centre.  Did you know that you can borrow a book from CommonWord for free? Postage is paid both ways.

Back to the question, what is the difference between CommonWord & MennoMedia? Here is how Arlin concisely and clearly explains.  


Arlin: "Put simply: 
(1) MennoMedia is Mennonite Church Canada’s publisher and CommonWord is our retailer and resource centre.
(2) MennoMedia produces Anabaptist resources and CommonWord disseminates many of them to individuals and congregations within Canada. 
This is a close partnership between publisher and retailer and is in place to serve our common constituency after significant structural transitions.
Put more completely:
(1) MennoMedia publishes periodicals and curriculum (under its name, MennoMedia) and trade books (under its imprint, Herald Press). 
(2) MennoMedia offers Canadians its periodicals and curriculum via its new website www.mennomedia.ca or 1-800-245-7894. 
(3) CommonWord retails (and provides for loan) all Herald Press titles at www.commonword.ca or 1-877-846-1593.    
(4) Pre-orders of special publications, like Voices Together hymnal, are handled by MennoMedia.  After its publication next fall, CommonWord will have copies for sale (and loan).
(1) Renewing your Leader subscription?  Contact MennoMedia.
(2) Ordering Shine curriculum?  Contact MennoMedia.
(3) Pre-ordering Voices Together?  Contact MennoMedia.
(4) Buying a book to read or study from Herald Press?  Contact CommonWord.
(5) Borrowing a Herald Press book to preview?  Contact CommonWord.
Of course, you are always free to contact either partner.  We are both prepared to answer your questions or direct you to the right source of information.  We are here to link you to Anabaptist resources that will help nurture faith."