I'm just so tired

I'm just so tired

Ever commit to an event or a responsibility and slowly as the time draws closer, you just feel more tired and less interested in attending?  Or a friend calls and wants to go out for some fun and you just want to stay at home?  (Okay, tiredness might be a theme here.)  Well, I have for sure, and if we’re honest, we’ve all probably been there at some point.  But more often than not, when I push past that first hesitancy, I almost always find some joy or meaning in the very activity I sought to avoid.

Holyrood women umbrella gigWhere am I going with this?  MCA’s Women’s Retreat is where women in the 12 churches that make up Mennonite Church Alberta come together for one weekend each spring.  You’ve heard me extol the virtues of it before; I’m one of its greatest advocates!  But the fact is, the first few years when I was invited, it just seemed easier not to go.  I didn’t know who would be there or what it was about;  it would take up most of the weekend and how would I get the laundry and housework done before work started again on Monday?  (Seriously?  What was I thinking?)  In retrospect, I can’t believe I missed out on that opportunity.  I hear the other ladies talk about some of those guest speakers and the activities that happened and I wish now that I’d been there too.  Women’s Retreat is one of those things (at least for me) that, once I’ve gone once, I’ll always make the time and effort to go again.  Every time I am blessed—whether that is from the wisdom shared by our guest speaker, from the sense of community we engage in, from a deeper encounter with God, or just the opportunity to laugh and relax.  Retreat has become, well…a retreat!  A time to set aside for soul care and feeling good.

So for anyone who hasn’t gone before, what should you expect?  Friday night is a time of meeting new people, reconnecting with old friends and lots of laughter.  We get introduced to our guest speaker, play some fun games, eat snacks and visit.  Saturday we have two sessions, free time (some crafts, a walk, puzzles, visiting, whatever is important to you) and, the highlight for many of us, Variety Night where there is often more silliness than talent (no skills required!).  Sunday we have worship and communion together.  But really, listing the schedule doesn’t do justice to what happens at retreat, it is much deeper than that:  we grow, we flourish and we do it together through the mystery of God’s Holy Spirit drawing us in and re-centering us.

Please consider joining us (for the first time, or if you’ve taken a break for a couple of years, as well as all you regulars) June 5-7th at Sunnyside Retreat Center. It will be a richer experience for all of us if you can be there too! Registration coming soon at mcab.ca.


Laura Wiebe is a member of Trinity Mennonite Church and the MCA Women's retreat leadership.