My Time on Human Resources at MCA

My Time on Human Resources at MCA

A Menno Minute

by Michael Ediger

I have just completed two terms on the Personnel Committee at Mennonite Church Alberta, and Goodness, how quickly the time has gone by!

This was a time of change for Mennonite Church Canada, and the transitions were a challenge for our MCA staff, committees and volunteers. The focus was always on how we can better serve the wider church and our regional churches. MCA responded by adding a communications staff role, we strengthened our leadership capacity through an Executive Minister role, and we have expanded staff resources in administrative areas. The results have been a tremendous lift to the churches I believe; we have greatly improved communications to and from the churches, and we have had strong leadership in implementing the changes that are taking place. We are doing it all with a commitment to visioning that invites everyone to be involved.

I have enjoyed working with the various committees who do the work of MCA. These are dedicated people and strong leaders who care deeply for the church and are passionate about where we can grow in the future. I am excited about the ‘Triple E’ path that lies ahead. We have great staff as well, delivering programs and ministries in North Edmonton, Camp Valaqua, in our churches, and in our own office of sorts.

In some ways the regular trips from Edmonton to the Didsbury Bergthal Church meetings could be a metaphor for my overall experience. We were building the present and future of MCA in one of our oldest churches - and therefore we were kept rooted in where we came from.  The path ahead (read ‘drive’) was long but once you got there it was worth it. And sometimes the road was a bit slippery but we always made it and felt blessed and watched over. I really enjoyed the whole experience, and I feel the work of the spirit in this special group.