You're more interesting than you think

You're more interesting than you think

Last week I interviewed an ex-offender who had successfully gone through the Mennonite Central Committee-Alberta Bridges program. He mentioned that when you are locked up in prison you have no internet and no fresh air. He then shared how his ex-offender friends who are currently quarantined or under self-isolation due to COVID-19 joke about how it feels like being locked up again, but this time they’re at the Hilton Hotel with Skip the Dishes and Netflix.

These are the conversations that I get to enjoy as Alberta Correspondent for the Canadian Mennonite magazine. My job is to report on what is going on in Mennonite Church Alberta whether it’s news, events or stories. I also try my best to keep a pulse on what is happening with Mennonite organizations in the province. Regardless, there is always something interesting going on or someone interesting to talk to.

Now with COVID-19 causing events to be cancelled, not just in Alberta, but across the country, we really depend on hearing those stories to encourage us and strengthen us during this crisis. CM brings us together as a national family and I want Alberta to represent! In Alberta, I know of multiple women sewing masks, writing books, and children making you-tube videos for fun while stuck at home. On Easter weekend, Springridge Mennonite Church delivered Easter baskets to their members with canned ploomimoos (Mennonite cooked fruit soup), personal handwritten letters, and a plethora of other goodies. You’ll get to see pictures in an upcoming edition.

I like to ask everyone I meet- “who is the most interesting person you know in the church and why?” That question has led me to numerous stories I am currently exploring. I depend on people to share stories with me including my husband who often hears something from one of the pastors but doesn’t realize it’s a story until I say, “That sounds interesting!”

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been really enjoying the Mennonite Church Canada church services each week from different provinces across Canada. Alberta was given the honor of doing the Easter service. Lethbridge Mennonite was the hosting church and we will never forget the hilarious story of Danny Duck shared by Kevin Neufeld (and of course the great sermon on the Resurrection!). I personally wonder if a children’s book series on Danny Duck is in Kevin’s future? I am ready to write the article.

I love working for the Canadian Mennonite magazine and am grateful for the honor of representing you to the national body. I cannot depend on my husband for the latest news so PLEASE send me any ideas you might have. My email address is Everybody has a story and I am guessing you are all more interesting that you think!