Is God Calling You?

Is God Calling You?

A Menno Minute

by Marguerite Jack

It has been a privilege to serve on a variety of Nominating Committees over the past years!  If you wish to meet people, learn about their lives and the many skills they have to offer, this might be the committee on which you might like to serve!! 

It’s a wonderful way to meet people as you call many on your list – some can’t commit at the time, some can’t commit at all because of family, work or health issues.  It’s sometimes difficult to find a candidate as most persons are busy people with lots on their plates.  Because I have been part of the Nominations Committee for MCC – both Nationally and Provincially, for MCA, for our church, and I still serve on the Committee for Mennonite Church Canada – I have made so many connections across Canada. 

It’s an important committee as it researches potential nominees for vacant positions who make up the future of the church.  I am grateful to have been entrusted with the honor to serve our church community in this way.  If someone calls you to serve, think seriously about that invitation!!  You never know what God is calling you to do!!!