A personal lament …

There are really big sad things happening in our world, as my heart breaks I am keenly aware that I want to listen and truly hear you, you the people that are living with the effects of racism every single day because of your skin colour.

In the midst I want to take a moment to use my voice to say this to you,
My brothers and My sisters...
I value you,
I see you,
I hear you,
I seek to understand you better,
I want to walk with you,
I want to help ease your burden,
You have infinite worth,
You are enough,
You most definitely matter,
You are deserving of respect,
You are deserving of unconditional love,
You are deserving of good, here and now,
You deserve to feel safe,
You deserve to be protected,
I’m sorry for being silent,
I’m sorry for not listening,
I’m sorry for the fear you have daily,
I’m sorry when I’ve been a part of the problem!
Please hear me when I say I commit to working on me and learning about you, so that I can be a better ally for you!!!

I stand with you today!!

Louise Hoeppner (Louise is a follower of Jesus who lives in Niverville, MB)