Who is Ed Olfert?

Who is Ed Olfert?  You may, rightfully, be wondering

Ed Olfert has been a farmer, a welder, a truck driver. He’s been an underground miner and a heavy equipment operator. He’s been a preacher and, if you read the Canadian Mennonite thoroughly, you’ll know he’s a writer. He’s been a partner, a father, and now an “opa”. 

Ed is currently rebuilding a 57 year old truck. Doing some of what he calls “whimsical welding” as well as practical welding. He is still writing and still doing some itinerant preaching. And, like many, he is still trying to perfect the partner, father, opa thing. 

What gets him up in the morning?  Discovering the gift each day offers. Glimpsing the gifts that coming generations offer to the world. Anticipating what might appear on his welding table. Listening. Watching. Awe. 

We look forward to what he has to share with us at the Heritage Retreat, September 25!