A Window into Lethbridge Mennonite

Lethbridge Prayer Requests

Lethbridge Mennonite Church is blessed to be part of the MCA community and grateful for your prayers this month.

  1. We are grateful to be part of a community that can wrestle together with difficult questions of life and faith. Each year between Epiphany and Lent, our church’s preaching is centred on questions submitted by members of our congregation. This year, we tackled some hard and important ones, and we did so with grace, curiosity, and love. Give thanks to God with us for this!
  2. Pray for wisdom as our church spearheads another refugee sponsorship project. We have gathered members from at least six different congregations in our city to begin the journey of sponsoring multiple refugee families. Pray for energy and for a spirit of joy in our labours.
  3. These past few years have been a season of loss in our church, with a number dearly loved members going to be with Jesus. Pray that the important (and too often neglected) work of mourning would play a role in strengthening faith, hope, and love in our community. 


The Lethbridge Mennonite Story

Lethbridge Mennonite Church is located in Lethbridge, Alberta on the east side of the city just off highway 3. We are a diverse community that worships, volunteers, plays and eats together. We are a younger church than some, our roots began in downtown Lethbridge in 1978 as a daughter church of Coaldale Mennonite Church. This beginning is rich in traditions that are unique to the Downtown Lethbridge churches, we are still part of an annual Epiphany Scripture Reader Exchange and a Lenten Lunch gathering with those churches. Although we moved out of the downtown core in 1998, we deeply appreciate our connection with these churches that were with us in our infancy.

Our connection with these churches has led to one of our core ministries – Refugee Resettlement. In 2015 LMC and 5 other churches got together to bring 5 families from Syria to Lethbridge in 2016. This was no small task, and through all the organizing, working, planning, fundraising, meetings and emails the bond was strengthened. The diversity of the different faith traditions working together is who LMC is, we strive to be connected to those around us, and to help and serve to the best of our abilities. In fact, at the end of 2022 the group reassembled to start the process with MCC again!

 Another core ministry is our involvement with Mennonite Voluntary Service Adventure. In 1998 the first group of volunteers came to Lethbridge, and we are one of three congregations in Canada that are still active. As we near the 25th anniversary of MVSA we are proud of the legacy of volunteers that have become part of the larger LMC family. We love receiving updates from Germany, France, Winnipeg, and even Carstairs. One of our volunteers worked at L’Arche Lethbridge, and that connection started a relationship with L’Arche members that continues today, and we always love it when they join us for our services!

Our congregation is an intergenerational group that welcomes all ages and stages to worship and be involved in our services and ministries. The children are welcomed to help with scripture reading, music, tech team, and providing the entertainment portion of the service. Our youngest member has been known to assist her mom worship leading (mostly to say hi to her dad at the tech booth!) If you have had the chance to join us in worship, you might have even heard a story from our resident duck expert about Danny and his adventures. 

This is only a small look of life at LMC, there is quilting happening, Adult Sunday School, Children’s Church, potlucks, and coffee hours. It would be easy to keep writing this story, as it is far from over! We have seen the goodness of God’s grace alive and well in Lethbridge and we are committed to following Jesus, and growing into a community of healing, hope, and peace. We will see you soon!


A Lethbridge Mennonite Interview

Linda Peters
Linda and her husband Laverne moved to Lethbridge about 8 years ago. Prior to LMC they had been part of a Mennonite Brethren congregation in B.C.  and she assumed they would continue in an MB congregation but “that did not work for us.”  Her husband had heard Ryan Dueck speak and wanted to hear more.
Linda is passionate about contemporary worship music and so was disappointed at first that Lethbridge sang traditional hymns. To her delight, there was more! She just hadn’t been there the right Sunday. She quickly became involved with a worship music team — then called CCQ but she doesn’t remember what those letters stood for.  The contemporary music at LMC is part of the Voluntary Service workers’ contribution to the church and so this group changes from year to year depending on the skills and preferences of the “VSers.” Linda now works with these volunteers to shape the music to suit both the musicians and the overall congregation. She is committed to being part of Lethbridge Mennonite and particularly appreciates Ryan Dueck’s leadership – especially his preaching!


A short video greeting from Pastor Ryan Dueck


The Welcome to Lethbridge Mennonite video!



A few photos from Lethbridge Mennonite!

Worship with us!




 Ryan Dueck and Marie Moyer


 The beautiful Tone-Chimes

Awesome Children's Stories!

A church that plays together, stays together.  Curling!

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