Finance Committee

Finance Committee

(Awaiting a 2024 update)

Finance is a somewhat unique committee within MCA in that we have touch points with every MCA ministry, congregation, donor, partner, and constituent. You may have heard from one of us:

  • Jim Moyer contacting your congregation to inquire about your annual budget or to thank you for your donation
  • Tany Warkentin reimbursing an expense, seeking approval to pay a bill, or sending you a donation receipt
  • Wayne Janz providing a financial update or presenting the annual budget for approval.

Keeping an accurate account of MCA finances for all our stakeholders, paying the bills, compensating staff, and issuing donation receipts may not sound glamorous, but we find joy in supporting others as they lead MCA programs and ministries. The numbers we track are a reflection of all the volunteers, staff, and donors who are passionate about being Christ’s church together. And that is what energizes us with every thank you we send, every cheque we write, or every spreadsheet we present.

The one ask we have of all MCA supporters is to keep in mind that like any organization, we have operational costs that need to be covered every year. Office rent, insurance premiums, and web site fees may not have the pizzazz of an outreach ministry, growing church leadership skills in young adults, or a flourishing camp program, however, covering these operational costs are essential to keeping the pizzazz going. Please continue to generously support our ministries as well as our ongoing operations through the means our Lord provides.

Tany, Jim, and Wayne