Our Stories

A collection of stories shared by, with, and for

our Mennonite Church Alberta congregations.

SHOW and TELL (Or Serve and Share)

by Kate Janzen, First Mennonite Calgary

When the COVID virus first invaded our lives we, like most of you, felt stuck.

We wanted to follow the rules but how could we continue to be the church?

At Foothills we felt doubly challenged as our two pastors, interim pastor and office administrator all moved on to new positions.

The Joy of Giving

Story and card by Ev Buhr, Office Administrator

A little creativity, a lot of joy!

“How are we going to get our Christmas Cards to everyone in church?”  “We usually just bring them before Christmas and put them into the church mail boxes.”  “I don’t want to spend that much on postage.”  These were a few wonderings and concerns that we heard in mid-November. One comment came with a suggestion from a friend that lived out of town. “Why don’t you have everyone drop their cards off at the church and then arrange for times when people can come

Reflections on a Summer Baptism

Ruth Griffeth   deacon  First Mennonite Calgary

Every so often, if your eyes are open, you get a glimpse of the Holy!  It is a holy encounter that wraps you in a time of wonder and awe, an encounter that needs to be experienced in the present – not remembered from the past or anticipated at some time in the future.  It is an encounter with God that defies description; mere words fail to do it justice. Yet, some of us experienced the holy this past summer.

 The Presence of God With Us in the Midst of our Hardship

Leng Nawn Thang    Calgary Chin Christian Church

"As the Bible told us that life is uncertain, everything in the world has been change. Things are not going as planned."

The story of the Calgary Chin Church is one of hardship and perseverance. Read more about the challenges they have faced in recent months as they renovate and prepare their new worship space.

Steve Guigovaz  Bergthal Mennonite Church

What does a church do when they haven’t met in person since the middle of March due to a pandemic and now it’s July? You bring in a Pastoral Intern! Steve Guigovaz and his family have been attending Bergthal Mennonite Church for just over 2 years and he had approached Pastor Anna-Lisa Salo about doing his internship with us as part of his Pastoral Ministry studies.