Easy and instant communication is a valuable tool for MCA Communications.  MCA staff and executive have email addresses specific to their roles with MCA.

However, one downside is SPAM.

Often a spam email will have text similar to this:

How are you doing? I need a favor from you. I would have loved
to call you however can't get to call right now.


First step -- click on the from address. You'll see that it's a fake address, something like executivecommittee1234@gmail

Do not respond. Do not click on links. Delete!

If you do respond the request will often be for gift cards. Be assured that no one from MCA will ever ask you for gift cards. 


And more...

More recently, some have received spam texts generated from MCA emails.

Again, if it seems at all suspicious, do not respond.  


How to block spam texts:

Follow these directions: