International Witness

Together with Mennonite Church Canada and the other Regional Churches, we are committed to the creation, resourcing, or strengthening Anabaptist/Mennonite faith communities and our shared commitment to witness God's work in the world.


Thailand Ministry with Tom and Christine Poovong

Christine and Tom, with their children Phimchanok and Joseph, provide holistic pastoral leadership to the Maliwan Mennonite Church, an emerging Christian community in Khon Kaen, Thailand. The Poovongs work on income-generation initiatives, engaging their neighborhood with a long-term goal of establishing a sustainable congregation, and church planting, connecting with Evangelical Fellowship of Thailand.  The Poovongs also connect with leaders of other Thai Mennonite communities to encourage relationships and fellowship among emerging Mennonite communities across Thailand.


Home Congregation
Trinity Mennonite Church
Calgary, Alberta

International Witness - Poovong, Christine & Tom


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