Art of Steel

Art of Steel

A Menno Minute

by Kate Janzen

John Wiebe, a long-time member of Foothills Mennonite Church,  has been creating works of art from steel since 1973. All of the proceeds have been sent to MCC. He’s made hundreds of bookend sets and no two are alike. This will be the first year that John will not have a piece at the sale as all events like the MCC sale are cancelled.

John has one piece that he remembers well. The ‘Dove’ inspiration came from Menno Epp who was a well known Mennonite leader in Canada. A professor from California a Mr. Byler was attending an Alberta sale and was very interested in the ‘Dove’ candle holder. Kurt Janz kept bidding until $700.00. Kurt gave the piece to Mr. Byler who took it to the MCC sale in California. John found out later that the ‘Dove’ went for $3000.00! Thank you John for your unique way of building community! You truly are a ‘poet of ironwork’.

Art of Steel by John Wiebe

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