Year Two Resources


As Year Two Resources are created and published

they will be available for download on this page.

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Worship Resources

E3 Worship Resources Word File

E3 Worship Resources PDF file



Year Two In Community 

 Hands Watermark

Hands and flowers graphic with E3 (png) 

 Hands and flowers transparent background (png) 

Overlapping hands (png)

Hands in a row (png)



Trinity Mennonite (Pastor Will Loewen)

In Community


First Mennonite (Edmonton)

Members of the Household of God    Tim Wiebe-Neufeld  

Foothills Mennonite 

Preaching to the Choir    Brenda Tiessen-Wiens

Printed Materials

Year Two Introductory Bulletin Insert

Year Two Bucket Lists

 Commitment cards


Free templates for Congregational Creativity!

These templates can be printed, photocopied, cut out,

written on, used for a commitment service.

Wherever your imagination takes you. 

Free flower templates jpg

Free flower templates pdf

Printable hand graphic colour

Printable hand graphic greyscale




Werner De Jong -- Saturday March 20, 2021 Introduction to "in Community"  

Werner De Jong -- Sunday, March 21, 2021. A further Introduction to "in Community"


Intro Poster


From our Creative Congregations!

from Andrea (Trinity) Word cloud  Image 1

Word Cloud Image 2

Word Cloud Image 3

Word Cloud Image 4